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Originally I started photography mainly taking landscapes while traveling. I have then turned to other genre but it keeps being one of my favourite types of photography.

You will see that I principally like shooting at dawn and twilight, and I almost always use blending technics (exposure and time blending). Regarding blending, I really discovered this technic by looking, admiring, and learning from other photographers.

Cityscape is not always too far from landscape, and can sometimes overlap. The picture will be classified as landscape or cityscape depending on the city proportion in the frame and how much it is surrounded by natural landscape. It is obviously a personal categorization.

Here again, I principally shoot cityscapes at twilight, because I really love when artificial lights add life and mood to the picture. And honestly, waking up early for dawn is really difficult ! However, there are still some exceptions in this gallery.

Time blending is again essential because ambient lights, moody skies, and artificial lights don’t always happen in coordination.

Classically a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the camera sensor is equal or greater than the life size.

However this gallery will focus on macro photography in a much larger sense, including close-up and proxy macro. I would even abusively call macro here any picture of relative small subjects, no matter their size in the picture.

As I mention it briefly in my About page, my goal is not to do documentary work here, but to emphasis the subject through an artistic composition, whether abstract or real. Even better if I manage to make generally unloved creatures a bit less scary or disgusting to some people.

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